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Oden Vasquez

Oden finds joy in providing help to others when they’re in need which was the driving factor that led him to obtaining his real estate license. He knew that by joining the Real Estate Enhanced team he would have the opportunities to educate and inspire those around him and reach his full potential. Oden is the oldest of 8 siblings, all raised by a single mother and from this, Oden learned to be selfless and how to be an amazing dad for his 2 year old son. Prior to real estate, Oden worked different construction jobs including siding, roofing, masonry, and landscaping, which gave him knowledge and insight and connections for the work he does now. Oden is a dedicated and an unwavering agent, he will never give up when unexpected hurdles and hardships are thrown his way. He enjoys a challenge both physically and mentally, and will stop at nothing to reach not only his own goals, but most importantly his clients.

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